Macro Monday - Water Drops

This weekend I dipped my hands into experimenting with water drops for the first time.

Click to see more inside....



  1. Stunning!

    How about a little BTS (behind the scenes)? This is really terrific. I love the color and shadow play on the water. Now I'm all jealous...

  2. A magician never reveals his secrets...right?

    Well, here is my basic set up. I placed water in a zip lock baggie hanging from a tripod. Used a pin to poke a small hole. Below it I had a black 12x12 container filled with 5 inches or so of water. With colored scrapbook paper placed in bottom of the container. Then placing my camera on a tripod set at F/8 at 1/250 secound I manual focused on where the drop was. Last I grabbed my remote and SB600 speedlight in each hand and began experimenting. I little trial and error, but they for the most part turned out great!

    I think some of the paper was too busy, others had great captures of the drops, but the light was not in the right place. But it was fun...I just might try it again. Let me know how yours turns out.

  3. I absolutly love the last one. I love how the light shines right off of the dropplet.


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