Macro Monday - Flowers!

It's a New Year full of exciting adventures ahead of us. I am excited to continue taking pictures and hopefully become a better photographer. I love taking photos of weird random stuff, but it seems like lately I have stopped doing it as often as I would like to...

...So after reading a book on macro photography I came up with the idea that I am going to post a macro monday photo each week. If you read the definition of Macro Photography you will find some terms gets technical with a 1:1 ratio or larger, while others use the term loosely to say it's close up photography. Well I don't have any fancy equipment, so I will probably post a little of both here. I'd like to think of Macro Photography as exploring the world around us by focusing on the details we sometimes don't see in life.

Here is my first post, pictures of flowers I took last summer. (Don't worry all the posts will not be of flowers or bugs...but there will be a couple every now and then.)