Forever Friends

So the other day I was watching the children of a wonderful friend of mine. Wow!!! It seems like yesterday I was 4 years old walking barefoot home from her house and stepped on a bee for the first time. I can't believe we both have kids now. They are adorable. I love this age because they never sit still for long and you only have about 5 minutes to capture any photos before they loose their interest and hide from the camera.

 I think I am a big fan of this dark, low key look, especially in black and white.
I find some of my favorite photos are made this way.

Ready...Set... And Off I Go!

Get this thing out of my hair!!!! 

Awww...much better now!

I love her look....she had just finished kissing the dog on the nose.


  1. oh so sweet!! I love her look to so little girlish. I like the dark black and whites too. They look great Amy.


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