Old School Photo Challenge

So I decided to do this challenge http://www.scottkelby.com/blog/2010/archives/10502. I got the idea from a fellow photog friend of mine and thought it sounded like fun. If you are not wanting to click on the above link, I will tell you a little about the challenge. You shoot your digital camera like a traditional camera for one day and "one roll of film" Here are the rules: 1. You can't see your shots after you take them. 2. Can only shoot 24 or 36 shots. (I chose 24) 3. You can't look at them until 24 hours after you take them. 4. You have to make a BIG print of one picture. 5. Donate the money you would have spent on the cost of film to a wonderful cause in Kenya.

This weekend is the Cache Valley Rendezvous. We went up last night to visit some friends camping for the weekend and to look around. So here are the results of some pictures. No post processing in photoshop. Just as I found them 24 hours later on my camera.

What I learned: It was hard to take only 24 pictures. The rendezvous had so many things that would make wonderful pictures, but I had to remember to Focus...Focus...Focus... only 24. On the drive home (I was not driving) I wanted to look at what I had taken. It was hard to wait until today. But now I can SEE! I found that by focusing on what I was taking I took better pictures. (My turnout of keepers is higher.) It was a fun experience...Thanks Levi!

Help me decide which one to print BIG, which one do you like?


  1. Man, I'm jealous! I have to wait until tomorrow to see my Rendezvous pics. Nie work on yours!

  2. I like the people pictures, but that's because I spent time with them, and some of them I've known a long time, but it's kind of weird to me (being a non-photographer) to print a big picture of someone who isn't family. So I would probably do the one where you can see a bunch of traders tents with the mountains in the background.


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