Traveling Dress - One Dress 11 Photographers

This project was spontaneous if I could classify it as such. I woke up a couple months back and thought it'd be fun to get a group of photographers together and shoot a dress. With a little work we were able to pull it off. I have loved seeing the talents and creativity of everyone. 

You can check out our work at the Artist's Gallery in Downtown Logan from now until March 2020. Here is their link and a list of the other participating photographers.

What do you get when you bring 11 Cache Valley photographers from a variety of backgrounds and creative styles together to shoot ONE dress? An epic photo gallery!

Inspired by the traveling dress projects we’ve seen over the past few years in the photography world, we thought it would be fun to bring the idea here to Logan.

It’s a chance for 11 local photographers to shoot the same dress, each using their own individual style and creative vision to create a work of art to display.

The one thing we have in common is the passion for creating art through photography. There are those that make a living shooting portraits and those that are hobbyists. We have photographers that specialize in family portraits to landscapes, from weddings to commercial work, and everything in between. One dress and our love for photography brings us together.

Each photographer had the opportunity to shoot with the dress for a day or two before passing it on to another photographer. There really were no rules. Just shoot, be creative, and have fun!

Inspiration for my gold dress photo came a little before and a little after shooting the dress. I knew I wanted to incorporate a grand piano, showcasing the elegance of the dress next to the piano. It wasn't until after shooting the dress that I decided on the beach for the perfect serene scene I was hoping to incorporate. With a little time and editing it came together perfectly.