Summerfest 2015

It's Summer time and time for Summerfest! I always look forward to entering the Photo Contest they have. It's always a challenge to take, edit, print and frame 2 photos starting Monday and turning them in by Wednesday at noon.

#1 Morning Graze

I love staying up at night, so I usually miss the early morning sun rises. But mornings like this are beautiful and worth the few hours of lost sleep. I'm pleased to say that this photo took 1st place! I was pleasantly surprised. It's a good thing I wasn't the judge, I would have picked a different photo....ha ha. There were so many amazing entries, everyone did a great job.  

 #2 Farm Boy

Every year for the contest I always pick a personal project. Something that no matter what happens I am excited to enter because it's something that I created for me. This latest project I've been working on is creating composites by shrinking the kids into the scene. This photo is the newest photo in the series. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as you'll be able to see the others I've created.