Painting the Super Moon!

I love challenges and creating something weird once in a while. The photos below were a spontaneous idea I got about an hour before the sun went down this past Saturday before the Super Moon. You always hear the sayings, "Hung the Moon", and "Paint the Moon", so why not create it. My family and I jumped in the car and headed out to a ridge in Mendon and this is what I got. Photography is a lot of experimenting. If I were to do it again I'd combine the ideas of the two photos into one. Using the Speedlight from the first photo and the pose of the girls in the second photo. There's always next year right? For now enjoy the photographic feel of the 1st and the dreamy artsy feel of the 2nd.
The following night we headed out to Benson Marina with some members of our local photo club. No moon photos due to cloud coverage, instead we got a couple silhouettes with the sunset.

Fishin' in the Dark
Sweet Summer Sunset


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