Abstract Fine Art Photography

I'm am still not really sure what I think about Abstract Fine Art Photography. Somedays it looks like a mess and other days I think it would look great on a wall. I'm blaming my experimentation today on the weather. There could be some beautiful pictures found with these freezing temperatures, but for now I'd rather stay home then venture out in the cold.


  1. They are all great! I love abstract art. The cooolest thing about it is that it expresses something completely different to everyone. I always notice my feelings about a piece of abstract art is that it shifts with my mood. Either way I can always find something unique about everyone to reflect how I'm feeling. The 2nd to the last one feels like I'm going to slide into the hole that is waiting to devouer me at any second if I let it. The last one is more positive. I feel like it may be possible after all to keep going up and don't look down!

    Thanks for sharing these Amy! It enlightened my thinking today!!


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