Grey's River 2011

Our yearly trip to Grey's River, Wyoming was wonderful. It's always been a great place to see wildlife...this year was a great one for some firsts. We saw our first black bear up there. It was pretty neat. Usually you wouldn't want to be near one of these in the wild, but I wish I was a little closer so it wasn't such a small dot on my camera. Another first was the coyote. I think it had a grasshopper jumping on it's mind and could care less about us staring at it. And the last really neat thing we saw was a flying squirrel. They are nocturnal, so seeing them up there is rare, but we were lucky enough to watch it glide about 50 feet over our campfire into a nearby tree. Then scurry off into the darkness. Too bad I didn't have my camera ready. Now we know what they sound like echo locating the trees distance to jump... next year I will be ready.

Check out my post from last year to see other fun animals along the Grey's River.  Greys River 2010

 Mommy and baby animals are so cute....are twins are even better.

Crazy antler, don't you think?