Take a Picture of a Feeling...Part 2

So a while back I was scrolling through some of my friends favorite blogs to read.
I came across this post by Joe McNally called Take a Picture of a Feeling.
Check it out it's really good.

So inspired by this post of McNally's this past Monday we went to see my mother-in-law and decided to bring my camera to take some photos of her. She has been having quite a few health complication this past month. (I thought well maybe we should wait and come back later with plans to curl her hair and prepare her better for a photograph, luckily I took the photos anyway.)

I am so grateful for the chance I now have to remember her through a few final photographs. She passed away Thursday evening and will be missed by  so many family and friends. I am thankful for the few short years I have gotten to know her. She was a wonderful woman, quiet, kind and ready to make a quick witted response to anything, always making us laugh.  

And so it is. Grab your camera and take a picture of the things that matter most. Take a picture of a feeling. When you see those moments that are precious, that last only but a moment take that photo. Babies turn into children, then teenagers and before you know it they are adults....and so the cycle of life continues. Capture the moments so you can remember them.


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