Grey's River Wyoming....The Beauty of Nature!

So here is the first post with my new camera. I finally broke down and got a Nikon D90 and I am loving it. Here is our families Grey's River Trip.

A stop along the way of our extra long drive to Grey's River, Wyoming. Yup, those are the Tetons in the background. We forgot to look at a map and took an extra two hour scenic tour.

Everywhere we go we have to get pictures of jumping off the rocks. Don't ask why.

Fields we passed along the way.

Osprey nesting along the road.

Hurray... We finally reached Grey's River! The campsite is about 34 miles down a dirt road from Alpine. My step dad's family have been coming here for years. His dad has been the camphost for the last 6 summers. Here are some humming birds that love to come for a drink outside their trailer.

Every morning you will find the deer jumping the fence next to the tents to get a morning snack.

And don't forget the squirels. There chattering wakes you up every morning.

Gotta love storms while camping. At least this year they didn't stick around too long.

My favorite part of camping here is going on game runs. We all pile into the truck after dinner and set out to find the wildlife. And at Grey's River there is plenty. The moose love eating the vegatation near the streams.

I know this is a blurry picture, but I had to post it anyway. I knocked on the truck's window to hard and the driver stopped a little too fast. We all slid and crashed into each other, breaking a chair and making my kids cry on the way. So needless to say we spooked the cow and her calf, so I wasn't able to get a good picture. But it's cool that we saw them.

Pika live up here in the rocks. Pika do not hibernate, so they rely on collected hay for warm bedding and food. They gather fresh grasses and lay them in stacks to dry. Once the grasses dry out the pikas take this hay back to the burrows for storage.

They are also know as rock rabbits. And have a high pitched alarm call.

There are a lot of deer up here.

Oh so cute...!

The butterflies loved the wild flowers. I have never seen so many butterflies in my life.

One of the beautiful waterfalls found in Grey's River.

Kingfisher bird perched on a dead tree.

High dessert mountain antelope are found on top of the mountain. We saw tons of them the last night we were there. I found it interesting to learn that they do not jump fences. Instead they run to them, stop and crawl under the fence. Pretty crazy huh?

Gotta enjoy the sunsets....

The milky way. I love watching the stars in the middle of nowhere. The sky is beautiful.

I don't know what that thing is in the bottom right, but I was trying to catch a meteor. We saw quite a few, but always had the camera pointed in the wrong direction. After seeing these on the computer screen I need to learn how to auto focus better, oh well there is always next time.

Oh how I wished you could move tree branches. My camera kept wanting to focus on them.

Ya know... weeds can be really pretty.

Mommy deer and her fawn. Baby animals are so cute.

One night we saw a lot of two point bucks and then.....

...finally a four point. Watch out for the hunters... they will be coming soon.

I hate spiders. Luckily this was by the river and not my tent.

A Rubber Boa Constrictor.

He was crossing the road and we decided to help before a tire found him.

An awesome beaver's house.

I love how this almost looks like a reflection in the water.

Another beautiful sunset to end the post. Did you have a favorite picture?


  1. Your Photos are amazing! Especially the stars!!!!

  2. Awesome picutures! I loved the pikas. The doted line in your long exposure star picture is a moving satalite. Levi had that happen in his star pictures too. :)

  3. A satalite or an airplane, I can't remember for sure. I also really like the colors in your humming bird pictures.

  4. Wow! So beautiful! The star pics are really neat! Greys River...we'll have to go there sometime!


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